Half Eagles - Liberty, NO MOTTO
1841 D  $5NGC AU-55 NGC Guide: 6500$ 5175
1842-C Large Date $5PCGS XF-45 CU retail: 30002760
1851   $5NGC AU-53 grey: 540545
1852 D  $5NGC MS-61+ 61 bid: 8670, tough grade!9890
1853 C  $5NGC MS-61 NGC Guide: 77107070
1856  $5PCGS AU-53 545

Half Eagles - Liberty, MOTTO
1880-CC  $5PCGS MS-62 $ Call
1901/00 S FS-006 $5NGC MS-64 grey: 15001550
1908  Liberty Type  $5NGC MS-63 520


Designed by Christian Gobrecht including an adaptation of the Reich-Kneass eagle reverse. Also known as a "Liberty" $5 or Half Eagle. This was the workhorse of the Mint's production in the 1800s, with Coronet Half Eagles minted at each of the seven mints of the 19th Century - Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charlotte, Dahlonega, San Francisco, Carson City, and Denver. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST was added to the reverse as directed by the Mint Act of March 3, 1865.

Dr. William Bigelow conceived the idea of making coins with the main designs in relief, yet sunk below the coin's surfaces. After gaining the approval of his good friend, President Roosevelt, Bigelow persuaded Bela Lyon Pratt to submit designs for a new quarter eagle and half eagle using this technique. The result is two of the most striking designs in all of American numismatics.